Malia Obama Threatened Trump On Secret Facebook Page


You’ve probably learned that Malia Obama’s secret Facebook page has been uncovered. Not only was her profile photo a series of post-it notes criticizing President Trump in a horrible and profane manner, but a deeper look at her Facebook timeline reveals something sick: death threats targeting President Trump. And they were bad enough for the Secret Service to take an interest.

Obama used the fake name Susan Detrichs to post her hate-ramblings, as well as photos of her with her friends and criticisms of Republicans. But she went too far in at least a few posts.

“That orange mother****** needs to die,” Obama said in one post, according to Gateway Pundit. In another post, the Obama daughter expresses a desire to “jab a carrot peeler into his eye socket.” Still another post mentions “the pleasure I will feel when I finally get my hands on him” and “the joyous feeling of watching his face imitating his businesses as the lights go out for the last time.”

She also criticized President Trump’s friend, “Build the Wall” founder Brian Kolfage, in a horrific way. Kolfage is a triple-amputee veteran who served with distinction in Afghanistan until he was wounded while saving three comrades from live fire. Obama repaidĀ his heroism by calling him a “no-legged piece of garbage.”

She even openly posted looking for drugs.

Malia Obama thought she could hide, but she forgot that there are real journalists out there who are willing to uncover and report the truth about her and her trash family.

Threatening the President of the United States is a crime. You didn’t see conservatives threatening her father. That’s because it’s illegal. She deserves to go to jail. We the People demand an investigation and her incarceration. That’ll teach her to be so uppity, crude, and rude.

May Jesus bless her damned soul.