Reporter Bre Payton Was About To Expose the Clinton Foundation When She Died

Bre Payton was a young, up-and-coming conservative reporter. She wrote for such esteemed publications as Joe for America and Conservative Treehouse. She took a stance against vaccinating children because she believed vaccines harm children. She refused to get a flu shot for that very reason — and the flu killed her.

It almost seemed as though God himself came down and handed the liberals a loaded gun to shoot directly at conservative America. This poor young woman was now being called all kinds of names for being too stupid to get a flu shot, not for her life’s work or her accomplishments. in truth, there weren’t many of those, either, but there was about to be. There was about to be a huge story with her name under it that she had been researching for months.

The only other person who knew about the story was her editor at JFA, Art Tubolls. He told us:

“Bre had the goods on the Clinton Foundation. She had proof that Hillary took $400 million in gold doubloons and gave them directly to the Iranian Supreme Fallah so he wouldn’t blow up their fleet of ships in the port of Dubai. She also had proof that Hillary Clinton paid off Susan Sarandon, who turned Bernie or Bust after spending a weekend on the Clintons’ island in the Carribean.

This woman wasn’t killed by a simple flu bug. She drank smoothies and worked out. She was murdered and the Clintons did it.”

While there is no concrete proof yet, as usual, the fact that this information is out there corroborates that she was on the inside. Now it will be up to Mr. Tubolls to decide whether to go public and put his entire family at risk of being added to the Clinton kill lost or let the issue go. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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