Brilliant Trump Supporters Bring Leftist Troll Operation To Its Knees

Two internet super-sleuths have exposed a trolling operation the Trump Administration has called “one of the most hateful, divisive operations our country has ever seen.” The trolls, leftists masquerading as really, really stupid Trump supporters, write articles and memes only idiots would believe. Then, they chase down the people who like, share and comment on them, exposing them as imbeciles who care about nothing but their confirmation bias.

The trolls then call them names and tell them the truth is “just a Google search away,” trying to get us to use the Soros search engine that will tell us that Hillary Clinton has done good things and Trump kicks puppies. Then they tell you the page is “satire,” whatever that means, and that you aren’t being lied to. Sometimes the stories or memes will be things you want to happen or believe have happened, making it difficult to keep going without either sharing or telling the libtards they’re wrong. Then they jump all over you, again insisting the thing they wrote that you agree with is some kind of a “joke,” even though you agree with it.

It’s really a little bit odd, but it seems like they think they’re effective. Unfortunately, one of the trolls let a few too many details slip, and a couple of brilliant Trump supporters tracked him right down, making his life a living hell. According to double-amputee and World Poker Championship Veteran, Art Tubolls:

“This leftist troll made some very key mistakes while trying to cover his tracks. Mistakes our own operatives were able to use to track him down. First, he gave up his real name, which helped us find out that he had been pretending to be ‘outed’ and not in hiding since as early as 2014. After several national articles from outlets like The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and even international coverage from the BBC, it’s no wonder these conservatives were able to find this guy. It’s almost like he wasn’t even hiding at all.”

It’s true. The liberal in question has been outed on Facebook and is currently hiding from the federal authorities and the Facebook Police for charges of lying to the Public and saying mean things about conservatives on the internet. The two geniuses who tracked this monster down, a meatwhistle maker from East Anulphuck Washington and a realtor from Lyman, Maine, will probably find themselves in witness protection before long, as this particular troll gang is known to show up in real life looking for a duplex in Biddeford with rental prospects.

In the meantime, the President is still looking to make the identities of those working on his behalf — in any capacity — a secret so they won’t get themselves hurt or trip over any shiny objects.


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